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Destroyer Wheels

The Destroyer Wheel is one of the newest additions to the Acculift Stainless Steel line of products. Designed to provide value as well as some unique style options our Destroyer Wheels will provide years of hard service. We offer not only the standard stainless finish but also a unique hydrographic burl finish or a unit with a black urethane coating. Wheels are available in 13.5" or 15.5" diameter with and without steering knobs.

Stainless Steel Destroyer Wheels Specifications

Part Number Description Diameter
ACC-3010-13 SS Destroyer Wheel 13.5 inches
ACC-3012-15 SS Destroyer Wheel 15.5 inches
ACC-3020-13 SS Destroyer Wheel Coated 13.5 inches
ACC-3022-15 SS Destroyer Wheel Coated 15.5 inches
ACC-3030-13 SS Destroyer Wheel W/Knob 13.5 inches
ACC-3032-15 SS Destroyer Wheel W/Knob 15.5 inches