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Stainless Steel Grab Handles

Acculift offers a complete line of Stainless Steel Grab handles. With attention to detail we have achieved a very high corrosion resistance at an economical price. Utilizing our hydrographic dipping process we are able to offer unique design options for your applications.

Stainless Steel Grab Handles 7/8" OD Specifications

Part Number Description Length
ACC-2001-09 Boss grab Handle 9 inch
ACC 2002-09 Grab handle w/stud 9 inch
ACC-2003-09 Grab handle w/finger grips 9 inch
ACC-2010-12 Boss grab Handle 12 inch
ACC-2011-12 Grab handle w/stud 12 inch
ACC-2012-12 Grab handle w/finger grips 12 inch
ACC-2020-16 Boss grab Handle 16 inch
ACC-2021-16 Grab handle w/stud 16 inch
ACC-2022-16 Grab handle w/finger grips 16 inch
ACC-2030-18 Boss grab Handle 18 inch
ACC-2031-18 Grab handle w/stud 18 inch
ACC-2032-18 Grab handle w/finger grips 18 inch
ACC-2040-24 Boss grab Handle 24 inch
ACC-2041-24 Grab handle w/stud 24 inch
ACC-2042-24 Grab handle w/finger grips 24 inch