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Linear Actuators

Whether your application is a Marine hatch lift, RV pop out, Utility dump bed tilt or any other DC voltage application. AccuLift can build a lift to meet your cost and application requirements. Designed for rugged applications in harsh environments our products will provide years of reliable service.

Our production is vertically integrated allowing us to custom design and build to your specific needs. This helps us assure that you will get a cost effective lift for your application.

Our raw materials are carefully chosen to create a finished product capable of living up to the Acculift name.

Strong DC Motor

At the heart of our lift is a strong Owasso DC motor built by one of the finest motor manufacturers in the world. This allows us to achieve our lifting strength based on the motor rather than using a complex assortment of gears and clutch mechanisms typically found in our competitors' products. This also helps us achieve our superior reliability by reducing the number of components which can fail.

AccuLift's Unique Ball Screw Design

Our design is further enhanced by our unique ball screw which drives the ram forward and back. The principle difference between AccuLift's and the competition is that ours has a ball retainer or sleeve located inside the nut. This sleeve positions the ball in the helical groove of the ball screw and the matching annular grooves of the nut.


When the ball screw is rotated it causes the nut to traverse along the screw, the sleeve rotates in the same manner as the arm of our planetary gear system. When the sleeve lug strikes the stop pin on the screw, the sleeve and balls rotate as a unit with the ball screw without any further advancing of the nut resulting in "free wheeling" and eliminating any need for clutches or limit switches. When the power is reversed, the ball screw moves the sleeve and nut away from the pin, moving the ram in the opposite direction.


All of our units feature stainless steel rams and aluminum housings. Our aluminum housings are powder coated for durability in harsh environments.


Our lifts have been subjected to thousands of cycles under overload conditions. We also test corrosion resistance to our own standards which exceed the tough recommendations of the American Boat and Yacht Council.

We test each unit individually before it is packed after it comes of our production line.


  • The free wheeling device allows for 95% efficiency as compared to a conventional design with less than 80% efficiency.
  • Much less torque input is required due to the mechanical advantage over standard screws of the same pitch.
  • Units run substantially quieter due to fewer components and lower power requirement
  • Lifts are much more reliable because of fewer components
  • Design and production testing assure products shipped will operate reliably.