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Marine Ladders

Until now there have been a very limited number of high quality marine ladders on the market. Before introducing our line of AccuLift ladders we wanted to make sure that we could offer the highest quality at the best price. To accomplish this we took our design to IMANNA Laboratory Inc. for independent testing on salt spray and load capabilities. AccuLift was awarded a 10-S rating and passed the 400lb load test awarding us the highest rating available! In addition to this we have cycled our ladders open and closed for hundreds of hours assuring that the boat owner will have years of trouble free service.

These quality merits would be impressive on high priced ladders however, Acculift is able to offer these very competitively.

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In addition to our standard mounting configurations below we can manufacture custom brackets to fit most any application. If you do not find an application to fit your needs below please contact us for more information.

Part Numbers & Specification Chart

Part Number Description Deployed Stowed Width Bracket
ACC-1001-2ST 2 step over platform 23.5" 16" 11.75" 6"
ACC-1005-2FG 2 step w/finger grip 23.5" 16" 11.75" 6"
ACC-1010-3ST 3 step over platform 35" 18" 12" 7"
ACC-1011-3ST 3 step over platform 35" 15" 10" 6.5"
ACC-1015-3FG 3 step w/finger grip 35" 18" 12" 7"
ACC-1016-3FG 3 step w/finger grip 35" 15" 10" 6.5"
ACC-1021-4ST 4 step over platform 44.7" 16.5" 10" 6.5"
ACC-1025-4FG 4 step w/finger grip 46" 20" 12.25 7"
ACC-1026-4FG 4 step w/finger grip 44.7" 16.5" 10" 6.5"
ACC-1050-3FD 3 step folding 23.5" 12.5" 8" 2.5"
ACC-1060-4FD 4 step folding 34.5" 9.25" 9" 2.5"

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